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Anthony Jackson


Anthony Jackson was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio where he attended Robert H. Taft H.S. He went on to graduate from Antonelli Institute of Art and Photography with a degree in Commercial Photography. In 1985, Anthony started working for Federated department stores as a photographer and lab technician. He went on to serve in the commercial photography department at Executives Studio. Anthony, an entrepreneur, began working as a freelance photographer in 1998. He is recognized by the professional Professional Photographers of Ohio (PPO) and has won several Blue Ribbon Awards in print competitions. In addition to his work as a photographer, Anthony has served the Boys and Girls Club as the Arts Director and a basketball coach.


Terrance Riley


Terrance is a 44-year-old native Cincinnatian. Currently, he works as an Operating Room Assistant for TriHealth, where he has been employed for over 22 years. In his spare time, he enjoys cooking, traveling, listening to music and spending time with friends. Some of his favorite vacation places are Orlando and Miami, Florida as well as New York City. Terrance is active and well connected with the Black Queer Community around the country. He has attended Big Boy Pride every year. He was one of the original brothers to participate in Cincinnati’s Bear Night on Thursday, every week, and has participated in the Detroit Black Bear Brotherhood events. “I’m excited about the Brotherhoods coming together. The best is yet to come!”


Tim’m West

Membership & Programming

Tim’m West is best described as a Renaissance man who returned to his native Cincinnati in 2017 to build community. The banjee realness, chosen son of the late vogue icon, Willi Ninja, it was in NYC in the early 90s that Tim’m also engaged Other Countries literary collective as well as Gay Men of African Descent. In 1999, Tim’m was a foundational founding member of the Bay Area’s Black Gay Letters and Arts Movement (BGLAM), which aligned with the co-founding of the pioneering Hip- Hop group, Deep Dickollective. Tim’m has also coordinated HIV prevention programs at the Sexual Minority Alliance of Alameda County (SMAAC), AID Atlanta, and St. Hope Foundation (Houston). An extension of his visibility as POZ, Tim’m is a 2011 graduate of the Black AIDS Institute’s Community Mobilization College (Los Angeles). He served as Director of Youth Services at Chicago’s Center on Halsted prior to leading Teach For America’s LGBTQ+ Community Initiative. A graduate of Duke, The New School, and Stanford universities, Tim’m released his definitive music anthology, Prodigal Son, in  2018, which captures 20 years of Hip HopHip-Hop soul music across six solo projects. Tim’m has long been a trailblazer in affirming the Black Bear community.


Jamond J. Foree


Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, Jamond has spent the past decade working to improve the cognitive, physical, and social-emotional outcomes for young people from cradle to career. He has served locally as Youth Development Director at the YMCA of Greater Cincinnati and the Senior Manager for Community Strategies at StrivePartnership. In addition to his local work, Jamond served as Technical Advisor for the YMCA of the USA, providing programmatic support and targeted staff development in 10 states. As a master trainer and skilled facilitator, Jamond has worked across the country helping organizations, school districts, and municipalities to build capacity while developing strategies to ensure diversity, inclusion, and equity. In addition, Jamond is a multidisciplinary artist. He has worked professionally as a costume designer, actor, and freelance writer. When he is not trying to save the world, he is busy working his most important job: being a dad.


Willie J. Franklin


Willie was born and raised in Cincinnati, OH where he attended Hughes Center High School. After he completed high school, he went on and study Photography & Media Production for TV & Radio at The University of Akron in 2004. Willie enjoys traveling, cooking, hanging out with friends and working in his career field of Photography/Graphic Designing. He has worked with local, national and international artists, bringing their visions to life. A little random fact about Willie is that he can write with both hands.


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