The 10 Membership Principles of the Black Bear Brotherhood

A BBB brother is one who:
1) has an explicit vision for himself, makes a commitment to himself to realize that vision, and is unapologetic about asking for support in the attainment of that vision;

2) is his brother’s keeper in ways that positively supports first himself and then his brother’s welfare, wellness, personal, and political evolution;

3) works to love his brothers and communities unconditionally, without judgement, but with grace, mercy, strength, and compassion in demonstrable ways both seen and unseen;

4) actively seeks to improve himself, his brothers, and community(ies) to achieve measurable goals as a lifelong learner and an engaged citizen;

5) works to be self-reflective, self-interrogative, empathetic, nonviolent, and considerate of others;

6) is accountable and takes responsibility for his energy, actions, and contribution(s) to any space or relationship he engages or impacts;

7) is committed to ending racism, xenophobia, homoprejudice, homophobia, toxic masculinity, gender bias, and to serve as a reliable ally to women and children, both cis and transgender;

8) actively supports the health (both mental and physical), equity, and liberation of all oppressed people;

9) is committed to the sexual health of themselves and their community and works to support those who are “sex positive” in their personal journey and sexual expression; and,

10) engages in all manner of self-care, including the self-care of loving one’s own body, size, race, ethnicity, ability, gender, sexuality, spirituality, and gender expression and then extending that love, support, and affirmation to others.

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