BBB Covers MI’s “Between The Lines” Front Page

Image by James Feldman

The following excerpt is from Michigan’s premier LGBTQ media publication Between The Lines “Calling All Bears” cover story profile on the Black Bear Brotherhood written by staff journalist Eve Kucharski. Click the link after the jump for more on the July 24, 2019 feature story:

“For many members of the LGBTQ community it’s a familiar uncomfortable feeling: walking into a public or social space and feeling unsure if being open about one’s identity will be welcomed or not. And depending on the progressiveness of a person’s community, situations like this one might, intentionally or not, be frequent.

Image by James Feldman

This issue can be complicated further, too, for those who do not have the luxury of being discreet about their sexual orientation or gender identity. And for LGBTQ people of color, instances of discrimination are even more frequent. It’s also something with which Black Bear Brotherhood Founder L. Michael Gipson was all too familiar…” (click here to read more)

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