Detroit Bears’ Very Special Happy Holiday Eve(s)

The Black Bear Brotherhood of Detroit (BBB) is combating the winter blues this season with not one but three December virtual versions of the social collective’s usual monthly potlucks, in response to the COVID pandemic. The first one already happened the first Saturday of the month, but the remaining two are specifically slated for each of the forthcoming holidays. On Thursday, December 24th and Thursday, December 31st from 10 pm to 1 am, BBB is hosting Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve Online Cocktails and Conversations member and allies events. These are timed specifically to ensure members have access to some fun times and emotional support during the holiday season. Having recently trained 15 Mental Health First-Aid Counselors through a state certification process under their Care Bear Project umbrella, the brothers will be able to offer crisis counseling and just a good listening ear for those in need this holiday season. But, most of all, BBB expects it to be a festive occasion of personal libations, games, and cackling good discussion. All are welcome. Celebrate with the bears!

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